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Color My World

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Stephan L. Werner, m.d.

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January February   2008



Color My World


This show is dedicated to the Doctors and Staffs of Washington Heart the Washington Hospital Center and the National Rehabilitation Hospital who brought me through and back from the Valley of the Shadow of Death in the Summer of 2006.

  On Display at the Washington Cancer Institute and 2 North West Wing at the Washington Hospital Center,  Washington D.C. April 28 - May 30, 2007  


Fields of Plenty, Vietnam 17x11.5


Unframed $325 Framed $495

Lion of Judah Maktesh Ramon, Isreal 14x11


Unframed $230 Framed $405

Pepper Packer, India 10x14.5

Unframed $275 Framed $350

Water Drawer, Vietnam 11x17

Unframed $400 Framed $585

Dawn at Machcu Pichu, Peru 12x13.5


Unframed 2

Budda, Thailand, 12x15


Unframed $300 Framed $495

It's a croc!, South Africa 17x12


Unframed $250 Framed $415

Scary World, Golopagos, Equador 17x11.5


Unframed $275 Framed $400

Touch Me in the Morning

SabiSabi So. Africa, 17x11


Unframed $325 Framed $435

Window on China, Wu-han, China, 13x12


Unframed $300 Framed $510

After the Storm, Lago d'Garda, Italy, 17x11


Unframed $325 Framed $495

The Chairman's Yachts, Wu-han, China, 17x11


Unframed $325 Framed $495

Kevin's Candles Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel, 11x14


Unframed $250 Framed $410

Farmtools, Xian, China, 11x14


Unframed $200 Framed $365

Brother can you spare a franc? Ville Fleurie, France, 10.5x16


Unframed $200 Framed $375

Pouring Fire, The Gong Maker, Vietnam, 17x11


Unframed $325 Framed $495

Dragon King, Galopagoes, Equador, 16x12


Unframed $ 200 Framed $315

Zhou Boatmen, Shenung Stream, China, 17x11.5


Unframed $225 Framed $410

Fire Breathing Dragon, Xian, China,16.5x10.5


Unframed $280 Framed $450

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 17x11


Unframed $259 Framed $425

Tenement 200 C.E

Cappadocia, Turkey

Unframed $250 Framed $415

Nablus, Israel 14x10


Unframed $200 Framed $385


Cambodia 17x11


Unframed $250 Framed $425

Colorado Sleighride

Lava Falls, Grand Canyon


Unframed $200 Framed $385

Three Worlds, India 16.5x10


Unframed $275 Framed $410