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Stephan L. Werner, m.d.

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January February   2008



Stephan L. Werner, physician, peripatetic traveler and raconteur's, works  have previously been known to a few friends and those (un?)-fortunates who have been receiving his annual holiday photoessay.   Originally created in powerpoint, they come with the current powerpoint reader for use on any reasonably current computer,   Slow is agony.  They have music and narration.    DVD versions are in preparation for spring of 2006


Awesome is a Diminutive

Grand Canyon Adventure

Holiday Photoessay 2001

CD (Powerpoint for Computer) $18.00

DVD in preparation

Peru Zing 2002

Holiday Photoessay 2002

CD (Powerpoint for Computer) $18.00

DVD in preparation





Window on China 2003 Holiday Photoessay

CD (Powepoint for computer) $18.00

DVD in preparation

Xin Ciao (Good Morning) Vietnam 2004/5 Holiday Photoessay

CD (Poweroint for computer) $18.00

DVD in prepartion

Iguana Ta you to the Galapagos 2005 Hoiday Photoessay

CD (Poweroint) for computers $18.00

DVD in preparation for Spring 2007


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